What to expect when visiting our test centre

Our test centre is authorised to deliver exams by Pearson VUEKryterion and BTL. While the exams delivered are very different, the security procedures in place are fairly similar.

Both require two forms of identification; one primary and one secondary. Primary identification must include a photograph, a signature and be government issued – common examples include a passport or driving licence. Secondary identification must include a signature, e.g. a bank card or credit card. This identification will be recorded as proof of presentation.

Personal belongings will be secured in personal lockers located behind the reception desk. You will keep the key to be assured of the safety of your property. Pen and paper is not permitted in the testing room, you will be provided with a note board, pen and eraser for any notes you wish to make during the exam.

During testing, all candidates are recorded on CCTV and proctored by a Test Centre Administrator who will monitor the CCTV and walk through the testing room every ten minutes. If you have any problems in the course of your exam, any of our friendly team of TCAs will be happy to help in any way they can.

Pearson VUE have created a short video to demonstrate these and any other security measures that you may experience when you come to take a test. This cheerful animation takes you through the entire testing process, from checking in to signing out.